Corner Of The Room


I lift my lady and carry her from sexy booty and in the same moment, she covers my face under her t-shirt to make me blind and guiding me towards our bedroom for the next level of craziness…

As she released her pee on my face and she lost tension between her legs… she got more teasing energy.

With my nose between her soft boobs but hard nipples, she guides me to the corner of the room. She just presses her left boob on my cheek if she wants me to go left… and right if she wants me to go right. While walking I eat and lick her boobs sooo much that she couldn’t resist moaning…

“JJ… Anhhh… suck them more… I want to feel your tongue on my nipples… Suck it JJJJJ!!!”

…and my tongue becomes a snake tongue.

When we reach the corner of the room, she makes me sit on the floor and she took off her t-shirt but she covered my eyes with it. I was just waiting for what will happen next… She was starting to play with my balls and at the same moment her tongue was playing on my tights but suddenly she stops and said…

“Wait my lovely bite!”

My dick was already erected but I know it will be more enjoyable if I wait! I heard her

“JJ… are you ready??”

“Of course, my crazy Sonia, what you will do?”

“Mmmmm… welll… I will eat you as you ate me on the entrance…but… butt… your sexy butt will be in the trouble”

“Soniii… be gentle, pls!!!”

…and I just felt something on my dick. She was pouring my dick with something cold… OMG… OMG…

“Soniiii… what is that?”

“I know your taste JJ so just enjoy and don’t miss anything!”

OMG, she brings an ice-cream and pours my dick and she also put it on my tights. To spread it she starts to ride my legs one by one with gluing her sweet pussy on my tights… I could feel her hot pussy even if that ice-cream was cold… and she melts it… she melts it alllllll… My balls bounced in her hand and suddenly she slides herself on my leg till my feet with rubbing her pussy on my whole leg. I felt her hot breath on my balls but she didn’t want to lick or either to suck them… With her nose, she was just playing with them…

“Ahhhh Sonuuu it makes me crazy”.

She was there… around… and with my straight ice-cream dick, she just slaps her cheeks and spread ice-cream on her face. She poured more ice-cream… so I could feel melted ice-cream even on my asshole. Slowly she slides her fingers to reach my asshole but she stops in a place where I couldn’t resist moan “Anhhhh… Sonuuuu” her finger rub skin between my balls and asshole…

“Mmmmmm…. mnnmmmm… Sonuuuuu… Suck that place… Annhhhhhh Sonu I love you sooo much plsss!!!!”

“Mmmm… JJ… let me play!”

So, she rubbed her finger there, and slowly she reached my asshole. She slides, a little bit, her finger inside of my asshole to fulfill it with ice-cream and the coldness just arouses me more. I lie on the floor still with a t-shirt on my eyes. Her hot breath was around my dick, around my balls and her hands were playing with balls and asshole. With her soft touch, my balls become so hard. My goodness how much I want to fuck her mouth that she can swallow my dick… whole dick… but no… she is teasing me sooo much!!!

She makes position 69 and her pussy was so close to my mouth… I could smell it! OMG!! She spread my legs and my ass and started to blow hot air from her mouth on my balls and ass hole. Her hands were there and played very crazy! What to do… my goodnesssssss… I lift my head to reach her and suddenly I touched a hair on her pussy… When I tried to lick it she just stands up a little… and my head falls down…

“Sonuuuu… plsss fuck me… fuck me sooo much and sooo deep… pls Sonu!!!! Plsss!!!”

She started to eat my balls one by one while one of her fingers was playing around my asshole.  She sucked them so softly but so crazy with enjoyable sound “Mmmmhhhhhhh… Nnnnhhhhh…” and I was getting crazy…

“JJ… why your dick is crying? What he is missing? Mmm JJ? What happened with him?” she asked with a funny voice.

“Sonuuu… Don’t make him more crazy for your mouth and your saliva! Eat him, eat that ice-cream Sonuuuu…. so muchhhh!!!”

She started to suck my balls more and more… and finally, while putting more deep her finger in my asshole her mouth touched the head of my dick…. my goodness… what a pleasure… She sucked dick hole sooo much that I couldn’t resist and I raised my ass and tried to push my dick in her mouth but she didn’t allow. She poured my dickhole with her tongue and sucking it like she wants to eat my cum!!!

“Sonuuuuu… Sonuuuu… Ahnnnn…. Sonuuuu I wanna cum…. I wanna cummmmm….  may I cum in your mouth… plssss…. Sonuuuu!!!”

“JJ… cum on my face…. plsssss!!!”

…continuously sucking my dick hole, she makes it to explode like a volcano…

“Anhhhhh… WHAT A CUM… Sonuuuuuu!!!”

“JJ…. but I am not done with you yet!!!”

“Yes, Sonu… I am all yours!!!”

10 thoughts on “Corner Of The Room

  1. mark john here.. the previous story was mind blowing. It was 2823 words long while this one is just 916 words. Short, sweet, teasing but not too much. Cause sonia has to take more revenge with high level of teasing. Look JJ how he dont let you single drop for a long time.. But after all story is 8 out of 10. We really happy to see story in short time. What we will get soon?

  2. Again we dont see who is sonia. Where could we find her eyes atleast as I mention in last story comment? This pic has to be more crazy cause as per the story it’s not matching i think. Both couple should appear together in pic while here they making love which is no where in story. JJ can you change the image so it will help us while masturbating & reading this story together?

  3. Oo my gosh! Wat a fucking teasing this lady had. He wanted to fuck her mouth and she just hold the top of dick and even dont let him cum inside. Poor JJ. Hahahahaha short sweet story but image is quite okay. You could continue after the ending.

  4. “JJ…. but I am not done with you yet!!!” are you going to continue with more shots? Hai… wanna cum again.

  5. That it? She could be more teasing. Take revenge lady.. he is blindfold. Is that both of you in pic? Look at her hungry eyes..

  6. So sweet and delicious do I become, when I am in bed with a man
    who, I sense, loves and enjoys me,that the pleasure I bring excels all delight,
    so the knot of love, however tight it seemed before, is tied tighter still. Sonia could you explore your options so we can get more tricks how to tease our man? Ice cream is melting between you guys and you don’t even suck him whole.. what a lady you are!!

  7. Totally mind blowing. Wat a ice cream lady. U know sonia… there r many things to tease with… strawberry with honey or chocolate cream… and insert somewhere… ma ma mia. It’s like heaven…

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