Hungry Wolf

After this beautiful morning woods we lay down for some time and I didn’t recognize when I fall asleep for a while.

Eyes still don’t want to open, lazy to move my body as those memories still circle around. By little stretching, I move my hand searching for her but I don’t find her so I struggle to open my eyes and it’s confirmed… so I change my side to see the window for the daylight and what I saw… she kept a note on the desk. I wake up, take the note and widen my eyes to read properly… ‘Sweetheart… really wants to be between your legs but also wants to be in shape to tease you so I am on jogging…but… but… your sexy butt… be ready for my teasing… muuuaaahhhh!!’

Her words make me horny. Later on, I just finish my surprising part of the things which I badly need to do before she arrives and suddenly the bell rings… ‘Oohh… she is here… hurry JJ’ I stand up from the floor outside washroom and rush to the main door. Oohh gosh… from door eye, I saw her sexy booty that she is showing by stretching. I asked ‘Yesssssss?’ and she come to door eye, very close and by open her mouth she tongues on camera with sound ‘Aaannnnhhh’ like wants to lick my dick from bottom to top. Wow… without missing this moment I open the door and suddenly she jumps on me, I feel her wet body as I am wearing only jeans. My hands are on her booty to carry her properly, my face is on her neck and ‘Muuuuaaahhh‘ I kiss her with my wet tongue and lick two drops, it’s salty but I like it!! By holding my face with her hands, she says ‘JJJJ… I missed you soo much… so much…’ and she bites her lower lip and before I understand anything she ‘Aaaaannnnh..  aannhhh..  aannnhh‘ tongue my face from chin to forehead… one time… two times… ohh my goodness three times… with sexy sound… and tickling my nipple with her finger like torturing me…

Before we go inside, she closes the door with her feet, while I am sucking her tongue gently I am taking her on the wall by holding her apple booty… She removes her shoes and wrap her legs around my hips and I feel really hot, same time she smells something she is looking into my eyes and bite her lower lip to convince me to show from where that great smell comes. So I lose her grip and as she put her feet on the ground she feel soft carpet… roses all over on the floor… she could not believe and surprisingly start kissing me with her tongue and make me totally wet… then turns around and see more things… even inside of the bathroom, some candles lighten to make such a sexy atmosphere!!

‘Sonia… I know what you like and what I should do for you’ and she just put her finger on my lips to make me shut up… then sliding inside my mouth to make me suck it…

‘JJ… I would love to make these moments more special… by teasing you… just teasing a lot but no touching baby’

I surprisingly open my eyes and she ‘Yes… JJ… you can fuck me through your eyes… you can come all over here but not on me just watch me, feel me, get horny again and again, you can scream or whisper… but no touching! I want to tease you sooooo much that you will cum all over. I want to hear your sound of pleasure to arouse me a lot!! So JJ… will you?’

‘Please honey!!!’ and I feel like she already starts to tease me with her sexy voice. She is walking inside and I just stay at the door watching her how she shake her ass. My eyes just start eating her every moment! She bows down to take off her pant and as she removes she asks ‘Are you ok JJ?’ in such a sexy way that I want to meltdown with this sound and this question… I LOVE IT A LOT!!

‘Yes, Sonia… I am… tease me a lot!’ and she adjust her underwear and keep it between her ass crack… then scratch her nail on ass and spread it a little bit to tease me, I ‘ Sonia’, she stand up properly and make my favourite position, standing on one side of ass. She knows what I like, then by turning her face to me and sexy sound ‘JJJ… how much you need me?’

I ‘Sonia… I need you a lot… a lot. Shall we Sonia… shall we?’ my dick is getting harder that I can’t hold it for a long inside and I just remove my jeans. She again ‘Are you okay… JJ?’ by holding her ass and shaking. Ooo my goodness. I will cum a lot today.

She starts removing her very short t-shirt that showing her awesome shape of boobs. She hold the t-shirt from bottom and stretch it down so I can see the exact shape with tight nipples. Mmmmm my goodness. She tilt up the t-shirt from bottom and I upside down myself with hope to see something between. She tilt down herself on me like going to show me something then up the t-shirt little bit to show me lower boobs… ‘Will you fuck my boobs JJ… will you… aannnnhhhh’ her teasing getting crazy…

She slide her finger between her lower boobs and rub there with sound ‘Aaannnhhh JJJJ… I need your dick here between my boobs… to rub and make it warm… slide it inside… between… fuck my boobss… JJJJ’ and finally she ready to take off her t-shirt but she bring it up till her nipples to show me little bit then half of nipples ‘Oouuuuuu… my nipples are hungry for your sucking JJ… will you suck them soo much… so muchhhhh babyyyy?’ as she take off her t-shirt she tilt up her head and bring out whole tongue to make it like a snake and same time I saw her nose… my goodness, this makes me crazy… so crazy I want to fuck her… so much. She walk so sexy to the shower cabin and bow down to start the water… she is showing her finger to call me in and I almost ready but with same finger she said ‘Nooo… just take off your jeans baby…’

And suddenly my mobile rings… my attention towards her break for a while but who cares for the ring… I continue watching her by holding my dick… she recognize this so she walk towards me, bow down on my face and ‘JJ, just go and pick up’ my goodness what she is telling me… who wants to leave this moment ‘JJ… you will miss nothing… my pussy is getting soooo wet so hurry and bring mine too’ I surprisingly look at her face, why her phone but later on I do as she said and ‘Sonu.. shall we continue… pls baby…’

‘Yesss. JJJJ… let’s make my wolf more hungry’ and she take her phone from my hand and close the door with her leg. I surprise my goodness what is this now and same time my phone rings… I saw the screen and it’s her. She call me on Skype… I immediately pick up and from the other side ‘Soo… JJ… wanna feel my ass soo close… soo much?’ she turns on the camera and I am speechless this moment.

She kept the phone between candles so I can see her so much clear. She turns back and get very close to the camera, bow down and take off her panty. I can’t believe what I see on the camera. What a teasing my goodness. She is just few steps away from me even then I can’t see her ass through my naked eyes and just on Skype. She spread her ass to show me her ass hole… so tiny, squeeze & hungry for my tongue and dick to slide inside… she does it in fraction of seconds to tease me a lot… ‘JJJ… will you eat my ass baby… will you put your tongue here?’ by circle her finger around ass hole and lower to pussy… ‘…here sssssss?’

I ‘Yess… I need that baby… I need that so much Sonia… aaaannnhhh’ I am rubbing my dick faster and she keeps yelling ‘Babyyyy… fuck my ass… fuck baby… yes… yes JJJJ’ finally I unload my cum till the last drop and lose my body… my goodness can’t believe I cum a lot in this round.

She open the door immediately by asking ‘Are you ok JJ…??? Muuaaahhh’ in so sexy way that my dick still hard to fuck her. ‘Yes… honey… I am… she smile and ‘Oooo… my poor JJ… so hungry… hunnn…!’ and then walk to the shower cabin hold the glass door, shake her ass and clap it from center then slap it once… twice… thrice… my goodness what a sexy sound. I wish to fuck her in doggy style and just waiting for her signal.

She steps inside slowly like inviting me to fuck her under the water. She turn half and then close the door. I sit relax on the floor to see what will be next!! She start with shampoo her hair… then she wet a mop and release a liquid soap on it in such a sexy way like she is releasing my cum…and she start rubbing her curvy body. I can feel how much amazing shape she has. She continues her shower meanwhile, she turns back and glue her ass on the door to shake it. My goodness… my dick getting harder to fuck her ass. She inviting me to fuck her so much from behind. What to do… can’t control myself. Then she turns my side and rub her wet nipples which are clearly visible on the door and holding her boobs to shake.

‘JJJJ… will you… will you??’

‘Yesss. Baby… I will…’ I am rubbing my dick so much hard and “I wanna cum… I wanna cum… can I, can IIIIIII?’

‘Yes… baby… cum here… between my boobs… soo much… right now… yessssssss… don’t stop…’

‘Aaaannnnnnhhhhh… babyyyy… babyyyyyyy…’ and I cum a lot again… my goodness I couldn’t be able to open my eyes properly but yesss, just little bit and in that time she get close to glass door and pouch her lips ‘muuuuaaahhhh…’ then tongue ‘Aaannnnhh.. my sexy JJJJJ…’

After some moments she off the water and by the time I am almost normal but still curiously waiting for her to come out. She open the glass little bit and take two towels hanging at the corner of door, one for head & another for body and again close the door.

‘JJJJ… are you ok honey?’

‘Ooooo my goodness Sonia… yes I am… I can’t believe that you can tease me in this way my sexy…’

I can see that she wearing the towel in such a way that it will cover till her lower ass and before I understand anything she open the door and standing in sexy way by crossing legs, her wet hair makes her more gorgeous. As she steps out, her towel going little up till her inner thighs and ‘Sssssssss baby… you are sooo sexy’ she ’Yessss… JJJJ… will you fuck me from behind?’ she asked this question and it arouses me so much again… ‘Yesss… baby… pls come here… sit on my dick… it’s soo hard’ she smile and ‘Nnaa..nnaa..nnaa.. nnaa.. teasing you is more crazy then fucking me!’ She comes out completely and stand in front of the mirror adjust her head towel meanwhile, shaking her ass to let the body towel goes up. She bows down other side to stretch herself and I see her ass crack… my goodness… I want to hold her ass and slide it inside. She takes off head towel and try to dry her hair… then stand up and this moment her 2nd towel almost up and I can see her ass clearly… so sexy ass… amazing shape… beautiful curve… and I start rubbing my dick again ‘Babbyyy…  shall we…? I beg you… literally!!!’

‘Aaann.aanna..nnaa… this is what I want to hear from you… beg me JJ… beg for my pussy and my ass… my hungry wolf…!!’

‘Yesss… Sonia… I am begging you!!!’ by sitting on my knees and looking at her ass crack without blinking my eyes.

‘But… JJJJJ… I want to feel your ACID ATTACK on these hair… here on my pussy’ by showing her pussy hair ‘and burn them with your ACID… will you… will you honey anhhhhhh?’

‘Yesss, sweetheart… I will… I will so much…’ and rubbing my dick harder.

She stand properly and keep her one foot on commode to show me her sexy thighs. While cleaning her body with the same towel. ‘Are you ok… JJ?’ this is a killer question. I love it whenever she ask and she knows when to ask… She clean her thighs… inner thighs… then turn other side and clean her ass by holding the towel in both the hands then spreading it from center like saying ‘JJJJJ… come inside my ass and fuck me… so much… so deep’ then she adjust the towel as it was before and take a body lotion. She again keep her one foot on commode and start applying the lotion. Now she teasing me with fingers like any moment I will unload my cum on her feet and let her apply it on her body as a lotion. Her fingers are going up… more up till her inner thighs and ‘Aaaannh… JJJJ… will you eat my inner thighs… here baby… here?’ by showing her inner thighs and scratching there. I am out of control and dick is ready to cum gallons.

Then she stand in one side and take the lotion in one hand and rub with another hand, bow down like doggy style and bring her hands between her legs to apply ‘Aaaannnhhhh… fuck me JJ… Fuck me harder… so much… don’t stop… plssss JJ. Give me your cum all over my body and stop me using this fucking lotion…… will you baby… will you?’

‘Yessss.s… I will cum on your body… I will…’

She continue to apply lotion on her ass… she adjust her towel to hold it up till stomach and I can see her naked ass… my goodness. What a sexy apple booty. She applies on her ass gently, smoothly, teasingly and spreading her ass to let the lotion go between… ‘Annnnnhh…JJJJ… here… rub your dick between my ass… plesssss… I am dying to feel it… make it warm… so much warm…’ I am getting more and more horny, can’t control much and ‘Ooohh… Sonia…  can I… can I…  can IIIIIIII… aaaannhhhh.’ I unload my cum so much… I am in cloud 69… so much cum… so much teasing… wowww

At the same time… she adjust her towel and stand properly… I keep watching her by taking rest at the wall outside the door… she knows that I have enough energy to cum with at least 3-4 rounds back to back and I did it. The candles are about to melt and same time she also done with teasing but seems like still something is left… and ‘JJ… where is my panty… hmm… I forget it outside… mmmmm… let me search something to wear’ and stand near the door foot, hold the door and stretching outside by tilt-up one leg inside bathroom like she is searching something to wear from the wardrobe we are having outside the bathroom. At the entrance, I completely upside-down laying on the floor with hope to see her pussy & ass hole if she spread her legs but she is clever. She knows what to show & when.

My goodness… I can’t believe… I saw her pussy hair. She trim in a sexy way that only center part cover with hair till the entrance of pussy so I can see her hair but can’t see her pussy. My goodness what a teasing. She ‘Aaaaa… where I kept my t-shirt… where JJJJ??’ then she looks down what I am doing as she already knows that I keep watching her pussy but ‘JJ? Are you okay?’ and I start rubbing my dick so hard, so hard like I will cum on her face even though I am laying on floor and she is standing at the door.

She ‘Aaaaaannn.. there it is’ by taking my favorite white t-shirt and before turning back to bathroom she up her feet showing it on my face with some distance like teasing me to lick it from the bottom and then went inside. Now by adjusting her hair to one side. ‘Yesss… JJJJ… fuck me whole day… so much… so deep… will you… will you JJJJ cum inside my pussy… eat my cunt…  finger my ass hole…’  and I cum ‘Aaaaannnnhhh’ so much, I cum a lot this moment. This round was really awesome.

As she just wanna tease me so she wear my favorite white t-shirt on her, just that t-shirt and nothing more. It’s long enough to cover till her lower ass and that’s it. I sit on my knees the same moment she is walking near to me outside washroom and I just follow her by crawling myself on the floor on my knees like hungry wolf…  

She teased me a lot that moment, I can just see her with few feet away, I can even smell the fragrance that comes from her body but can’t touch her. Earlier I wanted to surprise her but the way she surprised me with her teasing that’s unforgettable…

Love you so much, Sonia… I wish you tease me a lot… a lot that I can’t even imagine… just tease your hungry wolf before you give it to me… and let’s fuck a lot today.. whole day my apple booty… Mmuuuaaahhhh…

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