Morning Woods

Sweetu…   my beautiful sexy princess…    you are still sleeping in the bed ….

It’s a beautiful morning outside… she still didn’t open her eyes… birds are chirping near a window, sunlight about to come on window glasses, curtains are flying in nice wind… so fresh air is all around…             

She just arrived from a trip, tired of travel and wants to lay as much as she can and to be lazy under the warm blanket. She is sleeping on her stomach by spreading legs… but but her sexy butt… as she has obligations she must wake up soon… especially for jogging… how she can miss it… but still she is in bed… and…

I am feeling horny this moment looking at her side face and my imagination says that..  being so natural and most beautiful dream girl she might be dreaming like… 

She is sitting on wood stand at the corner of lake…  her feet just touching water while eating ice cream with caramel flavour and she feels something… ‘aaaaooouuu.. hehehe’ water waves touching her feet and it’s ticklish so gently that she is holding the base of wood and trying to take up her feet but same moment she is missing it, so she put her soft feet there again to feel it… 

She closes her eyes… release her body… take a deep breath and just enjoying that ticklishness…   

She hears the sound of birds more loudly and suddenly her eyes open and what she saw… she is still in bed… ‘OOO GOSH… UFFFFFFF… ‘ by exhale breathing… was in a dream… on lake… she is feeling more lazy and keep herself more in bed by ignoring the little sunlight that comes on her glasses which will enter the bedroom any time… so she turned her position towards wall by stretching her body with sound ‘aaaaaaaaaannnnhhhhhh ‘ 

She is almost awake… but still she keep her eyes close by trying to be at the lake again to feel those moments but it’s not working… same time she still feel ticklishness on feet… so by squeezing her eyes inside and changing facial expressions she is asking herself  ‘am I dreaming or what?‘ so she open her eyes and  ‘noooooooooo… you are awake… in bed than how you feel that ticklishness…’ so with hard breathing she tilt-up head a little bit to check her feet and  ‘ooooooooooooooooo… JJ‘ with widen eyes and mouth together… 

Yesss… Swetuuu it’s me…  (as you are in my breathing,  my senses, my body, my skin… in the atmosphere… my shadow, craziness, hotness… imagination, naughtiness… everywhere you are… inside, outside…  around me… to feel me, eat me, touch me, suck me… swallow me and my body so badly… I LOVE YOU SOOOOOO MUCH SONIAAA )  sitting on floor on my knees and touching her sexy soft feet with my cheeks.      

So… my hot breathing touching her feet then my tongue and I am licking her feet…  and she surprisingly looking at me by saying ‘JJ… JJJJJ… mmm.mmmm. mmmmm where have you been so longgggggggggg JJJJJ?‘ Me ‘just here… to feel you… to feed you… to eat you… to suck you…    may I soniaaaaaaaaaa??? Plessssssssss’ You ‘mmmm… mmmm… ’ answering my question with mumbling…

She is trying to turn herself from stomach to back.  Me ‘aaaaaa… nooo‘ because later on this position will make her crazy so, I continue licking her feet…  so gently… so softly.. and she feel ticklish… she is smiling thereby putting head one side on a pillow and holding the wall. I was licking her feet from bottom to top.. then each and every fingers… with sound ‘ aaaaaaa..aa.aaaa‘  and at the same time she also making those crazy sounds… she starts to push the wall as she is feeling more warm there by saying ‘JJJJ..aaaaa…aaaa don’t stop… aaaa… Plsssss ‘ and I say ‘aaannnhhhhh…‘   

I continue licking her both feet with my saliva and make them literally wet… most sensitive moments as she never feel that sucking of feet with tongue… I start sucking her toe then 2nd finger…  and follow the same on the rest of them… I start sucking her last finger in my mouth… bite a little bit and she ‘aaannnhhh… JJJJJ…  slowly… aaannhh‘ so I release my teeth grip from last finger and suck it… she is breathing heavily and still pushing the wall like she want to fill it with lots of pressure but she can’t because she is enjoying amazingly.  

I spread her toe and 2nd finger with my tongue and try to lick both of them gently then start licking between… sooo much…   and she mourns ‘ooooooouuuuu ssss… sssss‘ I slide tongue like I am fucking that part… and she ‘JJJJ… don’t do that… I will pee… please.. aaaannhhh‘  and I start doing it more to see how much she can control… and her one hand is going between legs to hold her cunt not to pee, ‘ s  JJJJJ torture me… plsssss I beg you…‘ and at the same time I speed up to fuck between her toe and finger with my tongue… so much.. soniaaaaaaaaa…

Her head is moving from left to right like she never feel this before…  still, I didn’t touch her between… ‘ssss..sss..sssss… JJ… come up baby… plssss… feed me so much…‘ I blink my eyes like saying ‘yessss… ‘  my tongue is moving up… more up… going on knee…  and I feel soooooooooo smooth… ‘mmmuuuoooooo… JJJJJJJJ  lick me… plssss‘ she said.

I continue licking her upper feet…  then goes up behind the knee… I take caramel and pour on her knee…  she ‘… tease me JJJJJJ… tease me…‘ I pour a few drops as I will spread it with my tongue and caramel…  and start licking… soo much… then sucking.. with sound ‘muuoo.. mmuuooo.. sluuuu. ssslu…aaoaouuu… sss.ssss‘ and she is holding her cunt not to pee in bed… my teasing continue and then I moving up on her bottom of thighs as she is still on stomach side…

My goodness… so soft… so gentle they are… in shape…  first I smell the skin ‘ soniaaaaaa‘ you ‘yes JJJJJJJJ..? ‘   me ‘you are amazing… so soft skin like a butter… ‘ then bite my lower lip and make big kisses that makes sound ‘mmuuuaahaha.. muuuaaahhh muuuaaahh…‘ I kiss both the thighs…  so much… her thumb and first finger still holding her cunt not to pee here but… but your sexy butt… you are with JJ… so you have to pee… don’t shy… be free with me and try each and every things as you have to be open forever and ever…   

Now I hold her waist and simply flip her on bed and wow…. What I see… still she is holding her cunt…  and I start licking inner thighs… ‘mmuuaah… muuaahah… ‘ so much so deep that she will pee in moments only but she held her cunt tight not to pee so, I replace it with my finger and thumb…  she ‘JJ… JJJJJJJJ… hold it tight or I will pee… seriously‘ I smile and ‘I know… don’t worry… let me take care of it ‘ she surprisingly.. ‘What? What are you gonna do… no JJJ… Noo.. JJJ… JJJJJJJJ…  nooo ooo‘ and I rub on her cunt like pushing her to pee on my chest and finally with mourning ‘aanannnhhhh‘ she did like a small baby ‘JJJJ… JJJJJ… noooo… oooooo sssss ‘ while she releases all the pee on me I am holding her ass and scratching with my fingers by keeping her cunt on my open mouth… and she ‘JJJJJ… JJJ…  suck it.. don’t leave last drop… plssss‘ she anyhow wants me to break my rule that is just to torture me but I still holding her cunt between open mouth waiting for last drop and it comes finally. I close my mouth and swallow pee… ssssss.s. so hot feeling.. so hot Sonia….

I make my snake tongue to play with her cunt but not to suck it… remember just to tease and torture her..     so I make the snake feelings on her cunt and her body shakes…  then suddenly I went on her pussy hair… release my hot breathing ‘ hhhhhhhahahaaaaaaaa ‘  and her pussy shakes there… she bring her pussy on my mouth to slide my tongue inside but I go back a little bit like trying to say ‘na na na..  not so early ‘ and I play with her hair to make them wet… same time I hold her ass and trying to spread it.

I rub my tongue on her hair so much that they become totally wet and smooth, that moment my eyes watching her pussy which literally dying for my tongue there.. oohh my goodness Sonia… I circle around her pussy and try to make it wet so, first slowly then faster..  then again with saliva and this time I take ice cube between my teeth and rubbing it on her cunt to make it warm… then hair and then on her pussy.. so indirectly I rubbing pussy with ice cube… and she ‘JJJJJJJJ… slide it… slide it inside my pussy…  fuck my pussy JJJ… right now… please I can’t control I can’t… I beg you‘ and I slide the ice cube inside pussy and she shouts ‘aaaannnhhhhhhhhhh JJJJJJJ‘ at the same time I touch her ass hole… I kept my finger on it and try to push the fingerprint on ass. Push a little bit and then back…  like trying to arouse it… she ‘JJJJ… fuck mee ssss.. fuck me JJJJJJJ.. plsss.. slide it inside my asss… aannnnhhhhhh’

I realize that the sunlight move from glasses inside to room and going on the wall slowly down and soon will be on her… I slide whole ice cube inside her pussy and waiting for a moment when she will push it back and she does it directly in my mouth and I taste it… aaaaaannnnnnhhhhh Sonia…  I have never tasted anything like this… so hot feeling deeper from pussy… Ssssssssssss…   I feel hot right now but I have to control myself and just torture her sooooooooo much… soooooo deep… so on the other side, my finger is playing on her ass hole and makes her crazy like she will bite me so hard if I don’t fuck …

Her body shakes a lot and she is trying to put her pussy on my mouth with hope that I will suck it but it goes on my nose. I smell it and it smells awesome.  I love it seriously. I lick the part between pussy and ass hole… so much that she pee again few drops and I took them directly on my lips… I rub my lips on her cunt  ‘mmm..mmm.m… aaaouuu aaooouu‘ and tongue is playing outside her ass hole and circle it with saliva.. I take small ice cube and rub it on her ass hole… my goodness so yummy feelings Sonia… and she shakes like she want to jump on my face… I adjust the small ice cube in her ass hole in such a way that whenever she is ready I will slide it inside…  finally the moment came when I slide it a little bit inside and widen with my fingers, it went inside and make her soooo crazy there… I was waiting for a moment when she push it back and yes she does… I taste it ‘ m..‘ Sonia I really want to fuck you tonight so much… please tease me tonight a lot…

I go up on her stomach hole and kissing and sucking it sooooo much. Same time my fingers are pinching her nipples and trying to make her to feel crazy…  I pour my saliva with caramel inside and trying to lick it sooo gently that she can’t control & she hold my hand and slide it lower by taking my 2 fingers and pushing inside pussy but  I make a fist like to tease her more and more… so I keep both the fingers inside her mouth rather than pussy and this time she wants to take revenge… she bites them so much… but gently… sucking them again and again.   

The first rays of sunlight goes on her nipples and sparkle them. My goodness what a scene… I just watch her boobs and want to suck them sooo much but wants to torture her so I take my dick out which is very hard Sonia…  and start fucking her boobs. Slowly & gently to make that part warm and red and she ‘aaananahh… aanananh… s JJJJJJJJ fuck my boobs. Plssss‘   I say ‘yessss… I will… Sonu’ and I rub them so much. Then I play on her nipples with my dick hole and try to push it more…  ooo my goodness I can’t control myself. She is holding my ass and spread it and at the same time, I play with my finger on her ass hole…   ooo my goodness Sonia.. shall we fuck every day like this soni.. plssssss

After hard fuck between her boobs… I slide on her. Now with my hands I hold her sexy ass and try to spread it and keep my dick over there and rub my dick between ass to make it sooo warm… she ‘aanannhhh..  JJJJJ .. pls fuck my ass.. plsssss I am dying for that’ but I smile and saying ‘naaa… naa’ she starts biting, licking and sucking my neck, same I did for her…  I take ice dipping inside caramel, bring between my teeth…  and she open her mouth… I slide it inside and she suck it till all the taste gone and then break the ice… mix with saliva and return the broken pieces in my mouth with lots of saliva…  she literally pouring it on my mouth… ssssssssss…  

I bring my dick on her face…  and she wants to suck it but I hold it little up and her hot breathing from mouth  ‘aaaaoaouuuu ssssss…‘ touching my balls and arouse them soo much… she ’JJJ JJJ..  pls load all the cum on my face… I wanna taste it… please… I can’t survive without your cum.. please load right now ‘  I just waiting for this moment to hear and finally I cum on her lips & lower nose, she widens her mouth to suck it all… she suck them like she is hungry…  yessssssssssss.   

As I cum in her mouth at the same time she also feel to cum and I immediately goes down and by holding her ass up she cum on my lips and I take all her cum in my mouth  ‘yummy.. mm.mmmmm.mmm tasty’  

So… finally  she says ‘JJJJ..  why you didn’t fuck me today…   why?’ me ‘because I would love to torture your pussy, ass hole, mouth and a whole body…  that’s why none of your body hole get filled by either my dick, finger or tongue… just crazy feelings  and hungriness, and I love to do this every time…’ 

Shall we every day soni?  Soooo much to fuck… cum…  sex… pleasure… melt in each other again and again… like never did before… and feel each other every day… every morning…  every second… sssssssssss…ss.s.s.


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