My Barber Lady

I had been busy all day with meetings, chores, and watching kids. I finally found someone to watch my little ones for an hour so I rushed off to the hair cut shop where I already had an appointment day before. But unfortunately, I couldn’t make it on time but anyhow I rushed there and as I jumped out of my car I glanced at the clock and realized it was 10 minutes to closing and I hoped I could be seen. I walked in and one girl looked up from sweeping to greet me and I said, “I know you are closing soon, but can I get a haircut please?”

She asked with an awesome face expression “What’s your good name sir…?”

I replied with smile “Mr. James”, I loved her voice as I remember that she is the same girl I took an appointment.

She asked “ooo… yes I remember, just yesterday evening you booked an appointment, correct?”

I answered “Absolutely!” with blinking my eyes…, “You can confirm with your system.”

She smiled at me and answered, “Sure, what’s your phone number so I can check your appointment?”

I rattled off my number and watched as she printed off the sheet and motioned me to the chair. This girl had wavy blonde hair that touched her shoulders, green eyes and numerous arm tattoos. As I followed her to the chair I noticed her black pant was tight around her round bubble butt and I could make out the outline of her thong. She put the smock on me and began cutting my hair. I carefully watched her in the mirror and she would occasionally look up and smile at me. Her shirt was loose fitting so I couldn’t detect the size of her boobs, but her butt in that tight pant resonated in my mind.

She pressed her body against my shoulder as she ran the razor to trim my side burns and I could smell her fruity perfume. I muttered out, “It’s a nice perfume.”

She smiled and thanked me. After some time again, she pressed her body against my other shoulder on the other side and this time I felt her boobs against me. She finished my hair and said, “Would you like me to wash your hair off?”

I said, “No, thank you.”

She said, “I won’t charge you for it. It will be quick.”

I somewhat feel that she giving me a sign of something and how could I miss it. But I don’t show much interest to check what will be her reaction.

After I said ok, she made such a sexy smile and walked me over to the sink chair and I laid back. I closed my eyes as she washed my hair and the next thing I know the water was off and she smiled at me and said “Done…” in the same time something fall down from her hand so as I turn myself from sink to her, she bend over to floor to pick up something and my goodness I can feel her sexy curve ass that wakeup those feelings inside me for which I was waiting since the beginning. Immediately I stood up with hope that if she doesn’t moved by that time than my boxer will surely get a gentle touch to her skirt… and it happened. Wow… by shake her ass left to right on my boxes my cock was almost wakeup but it was for a second, then same moment she stood up, her back was laying on me… she turns immediately and was acting like not aware that I will be there, with a smile she said “Sorry!” and blink her eye and biting lower lip… that confirmed she is inviting me for an adventure…

Then she walks towards main door by saying “I heard something… just a moment” and walk outside to get confirmed if there is someone or not. But I can see through main door glass that there was no rush of public and she get back… they have 3 steps to get down on floor and she intentionally miss one step so that her boobs will juggle and I can see them to enjoy… “Ooouuppsss…”

I open my hands like I am sitting on my knees just there to carry her but then control myself and asked “Are you ok?” she replied “Yes… sorry “ with smile and then moved towards the counter to off outside light and flip the sign board on main door from “Open” to “Closed” than off one of the lights so as we were inner part of the shop nobody can easily recognize that we are there…

My heart beats go up as she walked towards me by adjusting her hairs… by passing to me she headed to the tap, to off the water but then “Oooouu” as she struggling to stop it from dripping water. Immediately I approach her and by standing close I asked “Do you need some help?”

She replied “You see… it’s not getting close; can u just help me?” by turning her face little bit towards me and looking to my eyes through hairs on her face…

I smile “Sure…”I noticed that her fingers still playing on the tap so I asked “Can I?”, she replied “Ooo yea… please” like teasing me…

I was also struggling to close the tap so I try to bend little bit like I suppose to check down what happen on pipe under tap.

She asked “You wanna check there” by pointing her middle finger and then suddenly change it to index finger towards the drover under tap where the pipe line situated.

I replied “Ohh… yea… let me check” I bend on my knees and open the drover. Same moment she stood so close that I can feel her sexy thighs near my ear.

“I think something is jammed there but let me check! “

She replied “Ooo… really” with sexy tone… and I lose control from my feet and my knee collide to floor and I sound pain “Ooooo…”

She “What happened?” by bending herself from knees and toughing my knee.

I just forgot my pain as I felt her touch on my knee. “Nothing… just … aaa…”

She “Do you feel pain? Wait…” and then by sitting on her knees she came towards me as her boobs on my chest. She was trying to take a napkin that was hanging behind me… and on the same time I moved back but accidently I slipped on floor on my back and she do the same.

She was leaning with her chest on my chest. I opened my eyes and she smile and kissed my neck. I reached my hand from under the smock and gently grabbed her butt.

When she felt my hands on her butt she smiled really big at me and said, “I am glad it’s dark outside so nobody can see us. And here are no cameras otherwise I would get in trouble.”

I smiled and said, “Yeah, it would be something to explain.”

We laughed and I gently squeezed her butt. She pulled off her top and removed her bra tossing both aside exposing her size C breasts. I cupped one in each hand and began squeezing them and taking turns sucking and softly biting the nipple of each. She ran her hand down my stomach to my crotch and felt my hardening cock. She knelt down and unbuttoned my pants, pulled them and my boxers down resulting in my cock rising to full attention. She began licking the head of my cock and slowly inching it in her mouth until half of it was inside her mouth and began sucking and bobbing up and down on my shaft. This went on until she tasted some pre-cum and stopped.

She stood up and turned around and slowly slid her pant and thong down, I smiled and I saw her round ass and lower back tattoo which make me crazier. She climbed on the chair and slowly lowered herself down and guided my cock into her pussy. I was pleasantly surprised at how wet her pussy was with no prior attention being given to it. She bounced up and down on my cock, moaning as I held her hips, slamming her down on it harder and harder. All of a sudden, she let out a very load moan and I felt her pussy tighten and then release it, she squirted her juices onto my stomach.

When she stopped squirting, we both stood up and moved around till she was bent over the chair and I began pounding her from behind. She moaned and I held onto her ass tight as I thrust and once again she moaned loud and juices began squirting all over the chair. I pumped faster and faster and she must have felt me getting close cause she muttered out, “Don’t cum in my pussy; cum in my ass.”

I pulled out of her pussy and sit down on my knees to eat it and by moaning little louder she push my head into her pussy like she wants me to eat her so much. I bring out my tongue and start fucking her pussy with tongue… Ooooo my goodnessssss… Couldn’t control, man!!! Meanwhile I saw her sexy squeeze ass hole and my mouth waters to taste it. Same time she said “Eat my asssssss, eat my asssss…” I moved ahead and then she moved forth by saying “Na na na na…” like literally teasing me to feed and again by bring her tongue out she get back near my face and said “Common babyyy… eat naa…” but I want to tease her too so I started licking a tiny part between pussy & ass hole and she shakes her body on my face like she losing control. My tongue was going in circle around her ass hole and eat it so gently that she moaned faster. Again, fuck her ass with my tongue for some time. Then ssssssssss… stand up immediately and adjust my hard cock to slide inside her sexy ass. I began pumping again and she moaned,  several minutes later I blew my load. It leaked out of her and began falling onto floor,  I wiped the head of it against her ass cheeks. She grabbed a towel and wiped off her ass and then handed it to me to clean up. I pulled up my pants and she began redressing too. When we were dressed we walked to the front,  I just forgot to pay her, by the time she reminded me by pulled my shirt with her finger and made sexy sound by licking my cheeks from bottom to top. I got closed and she immediately brought out her juicy tongue like offering me to suck it out, and before this moment gone I open my mouth to suck her tongue and by the time she just cuddle my cock with middle finger “Ooooo… still hard… mmmm” by blinking an eye and then step back. I quickly paid for my haircut before I got naughty again and step ahead to the main door by just looking at her.

I drove my car by adjusting mirror towards her as she was standing on door and as she recognized that I was looking her through mirror, she blinked her eye by pouching her lips towards me. Mmmmmmm…  so sexy feelings.

I took left and she disappeared from mirror, I drove with thinking that next time I need a haircut I will for sure find out when she is closing again.

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