My Lady Professor

This is a story of my college days when one of the prettiest and bustiest teachers named Miss Hunt who started career as an educator in one of the top listed colleges in my state were teaching English in commerce department. She was right out of grad school, a 31-year-old blond with such a beautiful and sexy curve and a pair of the biggest tits most of the boys in college had ever seen.

Today, she was wearing a tight red top that put those terribly hot boobs on display, or at least the cleavage, that is. You could easily make out those huge tits through the tight-fitting fabric, and more than a couple boys in lecture had taken notice of them. She worked hard to maintain her good looks, so she enjoyed when men noticed her. She had been aware of the boys’ attention to her chest throughout her lecture, and it excited her.

“Class, read page 3-14 in your book by tomorrow. I’ll see you all soon.” The bell rang and students immediately rose, having completed their first class of the day.

I am an avid fan of her excellent fluency in English. It’s says that, in game of cricket a best fielder always looking at the batsman’s wrist and not at the face so just like that in her lecture I hardly look in to her brown eyes and just staring or focusing at her lip sync. But never knew when this attention turns in to attraction towards her beauty.

I usually sit on the front desk in my classroom that day as usual she was giving all of us a lesson, suddenly during the lecture she scratched on lower stomach by going other side of table near wall as she was feeling itching inside her private parts, at first she did not noticed that I was watching but when she suddenly saw me she gave me a shy look in my eyes. At that time, I didn’t know something about sex and I do masturbate, but never tried to fuck someone. When she scratched her private, I don’t know what I feel but it was adventurous.

As the students were leaving the class, she sat down at her desk and noticed that her pussy was wet. Embarrassed, her face became flush and she started to feel uncomfortable. “What’s wrong, Miss Hunt?” a geeky looking senior boy that’s me asked her out of nowhere. “Oh, uh, nothing, nothing at all. Jay, right? Your name’s Jay?” she nervously blurted. “Yeah, I’m Jay. Um you look a little disturbed. Is everything ok?’ Miss Hunt quickly collects herself and attempts to purge her mind of the sexual thoughts that are overwhelming her at the moment. This has always been a problem for the busty girl. In college, she was so sexually obsessed that she often masturbated herself in class, and she was known across campus as a “TEASER“ for not giving sexual responses to any professors or faculty staff but for some reason, looks like she was extremely aroused by the thought of teachers fucking their students. Now, she found herself looking at the senior standing in front of her with lust behind her eyes. “Jay, um, how old are you?” A little confused, I answered “I’m 20 today, Miss Hunt.” A smile appears on her face. “Oh, so it’s your birthday today? “Yesssss…“ I replied with a shy smile. She walked towards me to shake hand. Her perfume fragrance makes me crazy and as I raise my hand towards her, my cock gives alert that “Let’s do this today “. I shake hand and ooh my lord… such a soft palm she having. I rub my thumb on her skin and I thought she recognized it. For a while I felt like don’t want to lose hand but then I prefer to do so as to control myself.

She “Please visit my office within 10 minutes, I would like to have few words with you…“ and walked away from the class without turning back or even giving any hint what exactly happened to her or did my shake hand gave wrong impression? I had fear if she going to complain to higher authority or what. However, as she called me in her office so first, I went to washroom to get fresh and immediately walked towards her office that just few feet away.

As soon as I reach her office I was about to knock but I don’t know how she knew and “Please come in… have a sit“ I entered and she was standing at a glass cupboard in search of some file. I sit on a chair and without turning to myself she said “So, Jay tell me that aaa… “

Same time the main door of room banged cause of heavy wind and she shouts “Oooo my gosh…“ than looking at me “I am sorry… this crazy wind “ by walking towards the door to close. I just looking at her body when she walks and her butts moving up and down like teasing me literally. She walked towards the door to close. As she done, she walked to the table and stand at the corner. By turning to myself “Can I ask you something?“

I replied “Yessss“ with little fear voice.

She “Ooooo.. please don’t worry… I’m not going to scare you but just want to confirm that… are you been attracted by myself? I am sorry for asking such a silly question but since last 1 month I felt in you apart from other boys that you are not looking in to my eyes while I am speaking and just somewhere else… so is there anything else that I can help you with to get it fixed?“

I was just quite as don’t know what to say. She again “Jay…Are you ok?“ I replied “Ohh yes… aaaaa what can I say aaaaaa…“ by exhale deep breath and a smile… “I… I don’t know but aaaa…, I eeee have an, I mean I love your English… the way you pronounce, your vocabulary…“

She “Aannnhh…“ by shaking her head just a little and adjusting her ass at the center of the table like she wanted to listen me carefully for a while.

Than… suddenly by interrupting me “Just a vocabulary or aaaaa…“ by adjusting her curly hairs from eyes to behind ear and looking at a door for a while and then turning back to me with killer eyes.

“You know what, I think I have something for you. A…gift.” Than by scratching her finger nail on table she heading to other side of table looks like there is something she wants to take out. She reached to a drover but struggled to open. She asked “Would you just come over and help me to get it?”

I replied “Yea… sure “ hurried like eager to see what’s there in drover but, not sure why a teacher that I had an attraction always would have gotten me anything for my birthday. As I was there, she stopped struggling to open and given up to try. I look at the handle and try to open but it was not opening from me either. Meanwhile, she was getting close to my arm and before I understood anything her left boob touched me and the fragrance of perfume that drives me crazy as well as her face was very close to my face. For a while I looked at her eyes and I couldn’t believe she is standing that much closer. She was literally rubbing her boobs for a while then step back by saying “I think… it’s locked… let me check where is the key“, and then turned to other side to check in purse. The way she was bending seems literally offering me to touch her ass and spank. I had bad erection. For a while, I was thinking to hug her tight from behind and rub my dick against her ass but then immediately turn my eyes from there otherwise I could load my cum in pants.

Same moment she turned back by showing me a key and before I catch in my hand, she intentionally falls it down. She “Ooo… sorry…” I replied “It’s ok” and was about to bend but she did it to take those keys and what I saw, her boobs… my goodness. It looks like she intentionally bended herself to tease me by showing her boobs. I saw boobs crack and feeling like to fuck her boobs by rubbing my dick against them but what to do. I was helpless. Later on, she stand up and by handing over those keys “The middle one” as it was bigger. Same moment she went back from my appearance and I did not notice this as I was busy in opening the drover and as it opened my eyes were wider. I saw a vibrator. I turns to look at her, unsure what’s going on but before I understand anything, she approaches me and begins to pull up her red top. My jaw begins to hit the floor as realizes what’s happening. First, she pushed my shoulder like to bend on my knees and as I was almost down, same time she bended herself from waist and offered her ass to eat. As she was trying to pull up her red top it was stuck little bit on left side of ass, then she lifts properly like teasing me. As soon as it was lifted completely before I understand anything, she holds my head from back and pushed between her ass. For a while I was breathless but then she holds tight my hairs to bring back my head and as I took breathe…

She “Common… baby… get teased… I know how much you noticed my body… I know why you used to sit on front desk… I know these baby“ and she push my head between her ass and then immediately brought out. She up down her body like wants me to sniff her pants to get more arouse. She recognized that I was almost around so she turn back and hold me to stand up.

I had never been with a girl before, and the sight in front of me was causing me to freak out. “Jay, I can’t help myself. I want you. Please don’t say anything to anyone. If the administration finds out, I’ll be fired.” Then she pulled down the zipper of my pant, and put her hand inside and grabbed my cock out, it was limp. Wow it looks pretty good then she gripped my cock with her fingers and started to rubbing. I was so ashamed at that time that what’s happening to me. She grabbed my hand and put it on her tits they were so soft and she kissed me harder on my lips and slide her tongue into my mouth and I could feel her saliva going into my mouth. This happened for next 4-5 minutes meanwhile, she unhooked her top.

As she removed her top and revealed her giant tits, her pussy began to get so wet, it was soaking right through her panties. Then she said “Eat my boobs” when I was pressing, she was moaning “Ahhhh ohhh… slowly baby” meanwhile, she started undressing herself but she only let her bra and panties on. She unbuttoned my pant and slide it down. Oh God I was shivering because it was adventurous for me and she asked me to unhook her bra. I did and wow I saw a pair of big and such a nice breasts. She pushed my head to her boobs and said “Suck them… don’t bite hard… ahhhh” she was whispering “Oh God ahhhhhhh slowly baby, its paining”. Then she asked me “Put your hand in my pants” I arouse her more by fingering her pants from outside but then as I let my finger insider some thick hairs in it and so much wetness, my hand was all wet and sticky. Then she removed her panties and opened her legs wide.

Oh man I saw that there was black hairs and a pinky hole. First time I ever saw a pussy. She said to lick it but when I placed my head on it, I declined because I was afraid to eat but she pushed my head again and said to do it for your teacher. I was licking her hole so gently that she was out of control. First I start tickle her cunt than sucking for a while and her body shakes with a sound “ sssssss.. eat my pussy baby… eat it, suck it… so muchhhhhh “ I look at her face and eyes were just rolling but couldn’t able to look at my face and tilt down her neck other side than become breathless. Now I start licking that small part between ass hole and pussy and teasing her a lot. Then roll over my tongue on ass hole and try to get it inside but she was not able to handle and I push more deeper for seconds. Again I brought my tongue out of her ass and put on her pussy and start fucking her pussy with tongue so deep that she hold my head with hands and “Deeper… Jay… soo deep” than..

She “Stand up Jay and let me suck your cock baby. I’ll let you cum all over my tits. Would you like that?” I was now frozen, unable to believe that first time someone going to suck my cock. I managed to respond with an unintelligible, but clearly affirmative, gesture. She kneels in front of this hungry boy and undid my pants to free my now raging 20-year-old boner. She was surprised at how big it was, a good 8 inches or so. She wondered if she could get it all in her mouth. With her gorgeous big tits freed from the bra that contained them, she started to put my limp cock into her mouth. Ohhhhhh it feels me so great and the taste was out of this world and she took whole of my cock into her mouth down her throat. She leaned in and began to suck my big geek cock. My eyes rolled back up into his head as I experienced the most intense sexual experience of my life. I was feeling like I am in cloud 69. For a while I was breathless and as much as she was holding my whole cock in her mouth my body shakes. Then she tickle my head of cock with top of her tongue like snakes with hot breathing and sexy sounds. “This is all mine… oooo my lord” again deep throat by holding and scratching my ass with her nails and hands.

This was going on for few moments till I become out of control, then she stands up and laid on the table and said to kneel between her legs and gripped my cock. Touched it on the entrance of her hole there she rubbed my cock head on her pussy lips and shouted “Put it inside honeyyy”. I pushed it in one thrust “Ohh My…“ it was so hot like a furnace after a few strokes. She was whispering in my ears many sexy words “Sweetie fuck me harder my pussy didn’t get a cock for a long time. Now your cock is inside my pussy… thrust harder and harder and make my pussy soft… make my pussy to cum… “

“I need all your milk from your cock to my pussy. Fill my pussy with your cock milk my dear boy…“ She asked me to tell her sexy words like this and I whispered in her ear the same thing…She started making funny noises and was saying something to me which I couldn’t understood. After few moments, I started having a sort of feeling on my body. It was like a small current passing through… I told her about it and she told me that I am nearing to the climax but she stopped and she made me lie on the table and then she holds my cock in her hand and started sitting on it until her pubic hairs and mine were met with each other then she started moving up and down. My sweet teacher Miss Hunt now started fucking me. I was feeling so good that it cannot be explained in words. She “I will die today, oh my God. Jay you can also carry your hips and fuck harder, more harder”. Then she moaning loudly and her motion got fast. I suddenly felt that her hole was clutching me tightly and I felt a hot fluid on my cock and about to cum in her pussy. I was getting blown in her office at my college by a gorgeous woman who’s tits were the size of Volkswagen’s. I couldn’t hold it back any longer and warned Miss Hunt that I was going to cum. She holds my cock with both hands and jacked the ecstatic high schooler off on her huge boobs. She was surprised at how much cum I deposited on her tits, as they were almost totally covered by it. She felt her pussy throbbing from the raw debauchery of the whole scene.

That is the first fuck of my life and it continued till the end of my college days. She stood up and started to get fully undressed, which surprised me. “But, Miss Hunt, I’m done. And I have another class in 3 minutes.” She smiled at me as she continued to remove the rest of her clothing. “You might be done, sweetie, but I’m just getting started.”

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