The Love Bite…

the love bite


I am in the mood to give love bite on my sweet heart’s sexiest body and have awesome romantic sex for hours.


“You really need to go to your sister’s flat for some work Sonia…? I will miss you so much my love… when you will come back? “

“Very soon…JJ… give me some time… I even don’t want your hard dick to be so dry without my pretty pussy, but sometimes we have to manage… right, my crazy boy?”

“Soniaaaaaaaa… “I give a tight hug by pressing her sexy boobs between and my hot breathing on the neck arousing her in such a way that, first she crosses her sexy legs and then lifts her right knee on my pant to rub & her cock teasing is fucking awesome.  Now she swaps her knee with her hand, starts scratching her nails to cuddle my balls, and then teasing hand job for a few seconds bring me in the heaven to make me out of control with her sexy tease as always…

“Aaaaaaaaannnnnhhhh… Soniaaaaaaaaaa… I love you my lady!!!”

“How muchhhhhhhh?”

“Sooooo muchhh…seriously!!!”

“Soniiii…  on you return shall we have passionate sex? “

“Hun?”  she surprises… Suddenly by taking off her hand she becomes normal “Okay…honey… I need to go, and I will come back soon to tease your hungriness… “

“Oooo…really…??? I think I can also tease you and make you badly hungry for something… “

“Seriously… what’s that to make me badly hungry… tell me JJ… “ with a smile.

“I will make you addicted of my crazy and naughty love soooo much that your cunt will not make a pee until I bite it and you can’t resist without me and you will run to home “

“Hahahahahahah… honey… I know my boy very well… nice try to convince me but… butt… your sexy butt (by holding and then slapping my round ass and then getting closer to my ear she whispers) if that happens then you can do everything with my holes…everything… “

I passionately look into her eyes with a smile…  “Sure… “

She steps back a little bit, glare at me by chewing her lips and “Mmmmm…And if I prove you wrong, then…?”

“Then… my body is yours… do whatever you want… I will not say a single word.”

She widens her eyes with surprise “Not a single word JJ…? ” with excitement.

“Yes…Sonia… ” smiles.

“Alright then…be ready to lose… my rabbit… muuuaaaahhhh ” kissing in the air.


She opens the door and walking towards the steps… before she disappears from my eyes, she turns back with her young ass that I wanna bite, gives a sexy pose& blink an eye by showing her snaky tongue to tease me. I stand in the balcony waiting to see her come out of the building and finally here she comes.  The way she walks her curvy hot ass is a killer. I keep looking her till the moment she doesn’t get disappear from my view.  Later on, I went inside by rubbing my hard dick.

Her sister’s family was there so she was spending a good time and she forgot that I am here. After some food and drinks, she felt like she wants to pee. She walks towards the washroom and looks herself in the mirror “You are sooo sexy Sonia… so sexy…“ She unzipped her jeans and was there for a while but surprisingly unable to make a single drop. She felt little pressure but she was not too much surprise as she thought it’s okay after some moment before going home, she will do that.

Again, she joins her sister’s family and having an excellent time. After half an hour she again felt pressure so she stands up and “Excuse me guys…“ went in the washroom and this time also even though she forced herself but still not able to make pee and it makes her crazy, what is going on.

She checks her phone and text “JJ… what are you doing?”’

I reply “Just missing you… don’t you miss my ______ “

“My what…? “

“You will feel soon… very soon… and you will feel crazy about it… “

“JJ… tell me right now”

“I think… it’s already started…hun…?”

“What you mean…?”

“You can’t pee, not a single drop…right? “

She shocked and “How you know that… what have you done to me…?”

“You desperately need me Sonia?”

“JJ… what have you done? Black magic on me….? ” now she is scared. I stop replying.

She went outside and sit for a moment and then ready to move home. She starts walking but not able to walk properly as the force is going on. She tries to walk faster but again she losing energy because she is afraid to make pee in pants. She stands at a wall by crossing her legs, and she doesn’t understand what is going on with her… and same time I text her…

“Soniaaaaaaaaaaaa… my hungry lady… now you badly want me to eat your cunt, only then you can make pee my baby…  “

She bites her teeth “I will kill him…”

I text her again…“Hahahahah…your cunt can’t resist without my teeth baby… you are losing Sonia.. be ready for my craziness tonight.”

She is out of control now, so she tried to run on the road as she knew that even though she wants to make pee she can’t so, nothing to worry, she reaches the building gate anyhow… walk towards the stairs and again she is not able to go upstairs even though only 1 floor was left to reach her door.

New text on her mobile “I’m ready for your young cunt… my love…soo much… “

She looked up at the stairs angrily and “I can do that… I can do that…  common…“ walking upstairs and as soon as she reached the door… she knocks “JJ… open it!!! “

I am just another side of the door and as soon as I open, she just bangs the door to close and by holding my shirt… push me down as I must sit on my knees… she unzips her pant, moves her underwear aside, she bow down on my face and…

“JJ… you are fucking crazy… why I am not able to make pee… please bite my cunt… right now…please…”

I always need panty tease in love making scene so, first I adjust her underwear like it was normal before, and she surprises why I am doing this. I bring my nose close to her pussy from outside underwear and start smelling while scratching her amazing ass…

“JJ…hurry… I will make a pee… “

I look up at her eyes while smelling her underwear from a naked ass to love pussy and then little hairy cunt. I am holding her beautiful ass and slap gently then harder. Now I peel off her sports bra, setting her beautiful, full breasts free. She has fucking nice pair of tits that I would love to play. I pinch her nipples between my fingers and she let out a loud moan.

“Annnnnhhhh…  JJJJ“  painful sound…

My hot breathing is touching her young cunt inside and her body shakes… she holds the door &wall together as she is losing her grip.

“JJ… bite it, please…please… I wanna pee so badly “

First, I smile and now I use my middle finger and bring it on her round ass hole and pushing it from outside of her pinky underwear like my finger wants to ass fucking deeply. Now my finger is moving inside her panties, rubbing her clitoris slowly and…

“No…nooo..nooo honey…   just kiss my ass… no   oooo gosh….  You are fucking crazy “ Her amazing ass shakes and she knows I am not going to stop soo… “Fuck my ass… aaaoooooo.. so bad “

I again adjust her panty like normal, give a love bite on inner thighs, and start scratching my nail on her ass hole than from tight ass to pussy and then to her cunt that is waiting for my teeth to bite.

“JJ… I will kill you if you don’t bite my cunt right now… please honey “

With cunning eyes… “You are totally surrendering to my craziness Soniaaaaaaaa.. you are helpless my baby “ I peel off her sheer white panties and I love pussy. I am amazed to see that her pussy is almost shaved, as bare as a baby’s. she has big hope for this time.

“Sonia…  I want to eat your pussy soo much…  I need pussy…  can I honey? “

“Yes…JJ…yes“ with pussy teasing on my face but as much as she is going down on my face that much I am moving down as well and “JJ.. why… baby… please eat my pussy right now “


I am holding her sexy ass & bring my tongue on her ass hole and make a circle, then I push it a little bit on her juicy ass. After a second my tongue moves between her ass hole and pussy and started playing with that tiny gap. I smell her cunt & my tongue teasing pussy like a snake. First I give a love bite and then I started eating creamy pussy but I know enjoying it for both of us have to come later on and I will be out of control in eating pussy if I continue, so I stop.

“JJ…you are killing me now… I quit… you win… now please eat my cunt honey “

“Naaaaa… not that much easy…Soniaaa “ I bring my nose for a pussy tease and try to sniff it while scratching her sexy butt. My hot breathing vibrates the entrance part and she holds my head and trying to push it inside. I tease it out so badly she can’t resist without me. “It’s not that much easy my Soniaaaaaaaaaaa.. “ I slid down between her thighs, and raised my mouth to eat… I love that pussy. Over the babble of the stream, I could hear her soft sigh as my tongue explored her sex.

“Eat more pussy… my love, you are driving me crazy… seriously”

Again, I sniff her pretty pussy and slowly try to rub my nose on her pussy hole. I am holding her perfect ass tight &try to slide my nose inside her pussy and my hot breathing from the nose is killing her. My nose digging into her hole and that scent of her pussy makes me crazy. I start fucking her sweet pussy with my nose. I completely took the smell inside me to my lungs. I could feel my precum oozing in my underwear. I become breathless inside her pussy while going deeper and exactly this moment I want to try something crazy so I flipped myself before I was in front of her but now, I am turning myself and going between her legs. As I turn my self, my nose also turns inside her sexy pussy and it widens her pussy hole.

“Fuck my pussy… baby…  aaannnhhhh… “

My goodness… this makes her so crazy that she couldn’t resist and one small drop comes out from her cunt but she is totally unconscious. Same time I am holding her sexy tits and now pinching her nipples between fingers to make her shout.

“Fuck me, baby… fuck me hard… nowwwww” breathless for a while.

While my nose is fucking her pussy my hot breathing from mouth touching her cunt and makes her out of control. I am torturing her so badly she never expected. I slap her great ass and she shouts. I bring out my nose from pussy, start sniffing her cunt and then release wet hot breathing.

“JJ… I can’t control… bite my cunt right now… let me pee on your mouth… please honey…please… I am begging you… “

She couldn’t control and without waiting for me she brings her pussy on my mouth but I still keep my mouth close so she rubbing it on my lips crack. As soon my lips brushing her little pussy hair, she let out a moan with heavy breathing. “JJ… I will fuck you soo hard tonight if you don’t bite it… please baby…your Sonia is begging you to eat her pussy… please”

Then after a few seconds, I open my mouth. Rub her pussy on my front teeth but still not biting… my goodness what torture.

“I love you JJ… please I am begging you… let me pee… please eat my pussy…. I am dying for that honey… JJ… lick my pussy, eat my cunt… I wanna pee my love… on your face, on your body… Oooo my pussy licker… lick that pussy… right now “ by offering her pussy in my mouth.

“Sonia I wanna swirl my dry tongue to taste your pussy & smell directly with my nose. Can I kiss your vertical lips down here baby? Pleasessss “

“JJ…I am already wet with your words…” After a few seconds…“Fuck me.. “


I love eating her pussy, so first slowly and gently I start licking her pussy… to give her little rest. She hasn’t opened her eyes for the last few minutes as she wants to enjoy this moment. Then I slowly put my tongue out and licked from bottom to top. She gasped for that and pushing her body up. I circle my tongue on her outer line. Oh God, that taste felt so good. Her pussy hair was tickling my nose and I love it. I am doing it for some time and then with one push I dig my entire tongue inside her pussy. She grabs my hair and screams slightly. I am rolling my tongue inside her pussy walls and exploring every millimeter of it.

“Oh God, JJ, I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna cum.”

Hearing this I immediately insert my two fingers along with my tongue and then suddenly she burst her juices wildly over my face. Oh God, she released so much of her juices my face completely drenched in them. I get to drink some also. I start sucking my two fingers that full of juices from her pussy.  It tastes so sweet and good. I drink it and again started licking her pussy to clean it. After cleaning her pussy, I plant a deep kiss on her pussy even before she could relax from her orgasm. She is breathing very very heavily. After kissing I give her some breathing space and then move to her cunt where I sniff her cunt by taking inside my nose and she again drugs with my actions.

JJ ”Oh, someone is so eager to be eaten.”

“Just take it in, baby, take it in. Lick my cunt baby…  don’t stop … aannnhh… bring me out of this world “

I licking cunt like I am enjoying cunt licking by pouring caramel on it. Mmm.. mmm.. mmmmm…mm. finally, I take it between my teeth then stretch it to give her pain.

“Aaaaaaaa…… JJ fuck you…mmmmmmmmm JJ… fuck me…I love your eating cunt baby …pleaseeeeee “


Finally, I bite her cunt. I bite it very faster like I don’t give her pleasure of biting. Before she feels pleasure, I slow down my love bite. This happens frequently and faster as I am torturing her so much… so deep. I make the final big love bite on her cunt and she is going to pee but as I was holding her cunt entrance so all her pee just holds forcefully behind my biting. I release it slowly slowly and her pee comes in force on my face, chest, and then on the mouth. I widen my mouth and she is making pee so badly that she couldn’t stop. She starts losing her grip from the wall and door and about to fall down on my face. My head is on the floor and she is sitting on my face. My mouth is wide open and her cunt is inside. I give her a love bite again & again to make her crazy in this situation and she shakes her pussy on my face.

Finally, she is sitting down on the floor… looks at my face. I stand up and …

“JJ… I couldn’t believe you can torture me like this… I will fuck you soo much tonight… so deep… “

JJ with hungry eyes…“And…I want to eat some pussy baby…you quit early so be ready for my crazy teasing tonight Sonia…. So crazy that you even can’t imagine… “

“JJ… my crazy boy… yes, please fuck me so bad… that I never feel this world… just bring me in the heaven… fuck me JJ… fuck me soo much “

I lift my lady & carry her from sexy booty & same moment she covers my face under her t-shirt to make me blind and guiding me towards our bedroom for the next level of craziness…



the love bite

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