They drives me crazy

Few days ago, I read on the internet that if you take a couple of supplements you can dramatically increase the amount of sperm counts that you produce, so being the way, I am, I ordered some and finally they arrived!

I read to abstain from ejaculating for as long as you can bear, which for me is not easy!

I started to take the pills and carried on with my life for next 2 weeks. By now, my balls were about to burst and I felt incredibly horny so I wanted to make something of this ejaculation and went on the hunt for someone to share it with. My first thought was my college friend Sully, from Japan & she studied languages here, she was really easy to talk and she has incredibly beautiful sexy curve!

It’s been long time I didn’t meet her but I remember her number so first, I dropped Sully a text to confirm if she’s there. She confirms that she is. Wow! I am so happy. So, I texted her again seeing if she wanted to meet up for a bite to eat. Ten minutes later my phone bleeped again, with YES answer! She would love to meet up as she was so expecting the same.

We arranged to meet in a new Japanese restaurant in town. I quickly showered and went off for meeting. I bought a beautiful red rose. Finally I saw the restaurant & my heart beats were higher as I was going to meet the sexy curve girl after long time. As I step in the restaurant my eyes just searching her and YES I found her, she was already there in a corner so that was a good sign! She adjusted her hairs from eyes and smile, I returned a smile and try to approach her with a rose. Finally, I was there and we shake hands, and wowwwww… MY GOODNESSS… I felt so soft feelings that I had goosebumps in body but anyhow I control and try to cover that emotion with smile. I had hard feelings between legs… what to do… those pills working at wrong place. We sit in a quite dark corner catching up on the things. I smell her perfume which excited me more.

We had casual talk and later on she opened up about her, how she broken with her boyfriend few months ago and since then she had been having some fun with her female roommate. It was so interesting story that my cock began to spring to life at the thought of that. I shifted in my seat and Sully said:

“Are you ok?”

“Yes, just had to adjust myself, thinking about you too at it has make me hard.” I said,

“Ohhh hard!” she moaned, “I haven’t had hard for months.”

Then I began to tell her about the pills what I was trying and how I hadn’t shot for a couple of weeks.

“We need to do something about that,” she smiled. “Let’s drink up and go back to my flat.”

We called a cab and about twenty minutes later we went up to her top floor flat. As we moving up in elevator suddenly lights gone and we stop on 5th floor. Anyhow the door got open and we came out. We still need to climb two floors more and in the same time light came so we used only to climb and I was just following her. I saw her sexy curve ass as juggling from left to right little bit that arouse me a lot to touch her but I just have to control… what to do! Finally, we were at the door. I had never been there before and I was really surprised; it was amazing. Completely decorated and furnished in true Japanese style. She put on some relaxing Asian music.

“What you prefer… tea, coffee, cold drinks or aaa…” she bit her lower lip and just turn other side by shaking head… just like she was giving me sign of something…

“Your…” I was also smart.

Suddenly she turned by saying “Hunn…” but I continue,

“I mean, aaaaaa… just a glass of water will be fine”

She turned to kitchen side… and searched glass from upper drover and she tilt up and her ass shake a little…

“There it is” she turned to my side with smile and then heading to fridge.

As she tried to find the bottle from fridge she completely bends from waist… and my goodness… my cock getting in full length… I saw her ass crack, just like she was offering me to get down on my knees to eat her ass… and same time whether I was watching her ass or not… she turned her face same moment by asking..

“Oooo… sorry I forget to ask… u prefer cold or normal or hot?”

I replied “What?” with a smile…

She said “I mean, aaaa… water”

I said “I mmmm ae anything…” she smiled again and brought the bottle out from fridge.

She walked towards me with glass and bottle… there were 2-3 steps as she had to get down from kitchen to drawing room where I was sitting and intentionally she missed one step to show me whether I can stand up to save her from fall down or not and of course I immediately stand up, as I approach her she stood her hands on my arms and she shouted with little smile,

“Ooouuccchh … sorry?”

Than we just had casual talk and she headed towards her bedroom to “slip into something more comfortable.” She reappeared some minutes later in a white plain t-shirt that covers till her ass, and no bra. After admiring her magnificent hard tits, I glanced down to her pussy area and hanging either side of the thong were the largest, meatiest dark pussy lips I had ever seen. They were amazing! My jaw dropped.

“You like that?” she asked.

“Fucking yes, of course I do!” I replied.

“I’ve always hated them,” said Sully, “they seem to make it hard to get a cock inside at the start.”

My balls were about to explode and so was my erection, I needed to get it out. Sully noticed and knelt in front of me. She undid my belt and then button to carefully unzipped my trousers in case she caught my throbbing cock. She slid my trouser and boxer down and threw them on the floor, as she did my swollen aching cock sprung up towards the ceiling, I hadn’t seen it this hard for ages. First, she was looking at my cock and said

“Ooooo… wowww… so big”

My reaction on that was “Sssss… come… common!!!!”

“Ssssssss… no hurry boy” she said with a sexy smile.

Then she more bend from her knees like she badly wanted to see my balls how hard they are… and in the same time she turn her head down so her hot breathing from nose touching my hairs near cock… and my cock get more harder. She was inspecting like how to tease me… and her sharp nails were doing their job by little scratching and then grip on my thighs skin… This moment makes me more hungry as her head just few inches away from my cock to get it but she just decided to make me hungry and then she sit on her knees properly and stand by like let my hard cock touch her boobs and it was passing between them… my goodness… what a teasing… but I couldn’t control and as she stands up…

I put my hand under her top and massaged her firm oriental breasts, her nipples hardened immediately. I bent forward and sucked them, gently biting them from time to time. She moaned and put her hand between her legs, pulled her thong to the side and started to rub her moist slit. I really needed to cum and asked her to suck me as gently as she could. As soon as I entered her tender young mouth, sensations began to flow. It was amazing, so hot, wet, smooth and gentle.

I stopped her after a few minutes as I knew I would shoot and I wanted to see how much I could manage.

I hold her in my arms and searching for bed to slide her there… Kissing her tender lips soo much. Once when I lied her on bed I took her top and thong off gently and finally saw her fantastic tits and that mighty meaty pussy. Really it was a sight! Massive dark outer lips, hanging either side of her wet tunnel. I pulled them apart and slipped a finger inside. She was so wet, hot and slimy, it was gorgeous feelings. She moaned as I started to fingering her. She tried to grab my cock for a while. Then I moved my head between her legs and started sucking her engorged clit. It was bigger than I thought and wonderful to suck. She started to orgasm and a stream of warm love juice trickled down her legs into my mouth. Mmmmmmm…..It was hot and musky to taste it.

My urge to cum had died away and I really wanted to slip my length deep into her cunt. She parted her legs and guided me inside. She was right, pushing my swollen purple cock head past her meat flaps was not easy, but an extra push and I was deep inside her. So hot & juicy pussy and feeling was amazing… Didn’t want to go outside… wanted to stay for a while. Those lips gripped my shaft tightly as I slid all the way in then out. She took my full length with surprising ease. Then she turned back with sexy lower back towards me and was shifting her ass on my cock to get more inside her and within a few moments, she screamed as another strong orgasm flooded her tender young body. I fucked her hard and fast as she continually cum, not letting up at all.

I had to shoot all my spunk out and pulled out of her. She rubbed her tits and clitoris as I started to wank over her body. I suddenly felt that I was pissing on her, to which I was horrified but noticed that a strong stream of pure clear liquid was splashing on her body. She rubbed her fingers in it and brought them to her lips.

“Mmmm,.,” she said, “so much!”

I continued to flood her body with my sweet juice. It was now running all over the floor. I wanked harder and harder, yanking the foreskin down hard on my shaft, then all the way back over the head again. I couldn’t hold back and while I was still soaking her in my sweet transparent silky juice, she looks at me and her eyes said “Wow how much!!!”’ but I was keep going on and later she rubbed it in her lips and pushed her fingers inside. She instantly cum again. My hands were aching and as the stream started to weaken, I went straight down and pushed my cock inside her. I was still solid and started to bang her pussy for all I was worth. I knew I had more spunk inside me and whatever it took I had to get it out of me. She cum time to time and by now her little cunt was like a swimming pool.

I left my sore cock inside her to soak for a few minutes as we lie there fighting for our breath. I eventually pulled it out and she beckoned me to put it in her mouth. By now, it was starting to go limp but she wanted to make sure I was completely empty and suck and caressed my cock, helmet and balls until I was completely dry and clean.

We rested for a while, then showered with kisses & some teasing with a promise to meet soon. We went to bed tired, kissed each other. Later on, by exchanging words she soon drifted to sleep and I was just looking at her beautiful ocean eyes. Later on I woke up from a nap and I left her in middle of night as heading to home with such an incredible memories.

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  1. Man. You are amazing, wat an imagination. Is it real or just one of yr dreams? I couldn’t believe that someone can think this much as well! Hat’s off to you.

  2. ” and in the same time she turn her head down so her hot breathing from nose touching my hairs near cock ” wow.. i have an erection baby….

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